50 Personnalised notepads - Detachable pages 


Looking to order more then 50 notepads? Get in touch for special deals and custom quotes.


Create your own personnalised notepads by printing your logo on every page. 


  1. Choose your paper

    Regular - 90g/m2 x 80 pages (100% paper waste)
    Premium - 150g/m2 x 50 pages (100% paper waste)

  2. Choose your size

    Small - A6*
    Medium - A5**

  3. Choose your pattern


  4. Choose the glue color


* Depending on the paper you choose size may vary slightly (90g/m2 = 100x140 mm, 150g/m2 = 100x130 mm)

** Depending on the paper you choose size may vary slightly (90g/m2 = 140x200 mm, 150g/m2 = 130x190 mm)

50 personalised notepads

Glue color
  • Once your order is finnalised, you'll receive an email with instructions on how to send your logo. 

    For optimum printing quality, your logo will need to be send as a PDF or eps file. 

    Printing techniques: 

    • Monochrome Black: Riso
    • CMYK: Digital